About Roy Chng (Main Writer)

Greetings! My name is Roy Chng, I’m from Singapore, and I’m the founder/owner, main writer, and curator for this tech blog, ValorVortech. I started it because of my never-ending passion for technology, and partly due to my love of writing. I may not be the best writer out there, and I’m sure that there are many who dedicate their lives to it, but writing long-form content, even for nobody, in a way, relaxes me.

Furthermore, if I can get the chance to write for something that I am insanely passionate about, makes it feels like a dream job!

My Backstory

I started writing for small blogs here and there, which even then, I was contented with, and saved up a good chunk of change. And one day, it hit me:

Why write about topics that I have utterly no interest in, when I can simply just start my own blog?!

And from there, I launched this blog.

What I’m Focusing On With ValorVortech

Technology, especially when you’re just getting started, can be excruciatingly hard to learn, those confusing terms, and explanations often get in the way when you’re just simply finding out what you need to buy for a PC, or how to buy a monitor.

Hence, I hope that with this tech blog, I can help to bridge that gap and help new users learn about tech-related topics. Therefore, I try and make the paragraphs as detailed, and easy-to-understand as possible, using basic terms, and providing explanations that help users understand a certain topic better.

My explanations are meant to be as basic as possible, while still not compromising on factual details, meaning that I research each subject as much as possible, and link to reputable sources when possible, to give you, the user, the best and most comprehensive understanding possible.

I understand what it’s like when learning a certain tech-related topic, and all of the explanations being too overwhelming, or in some cases, more confusing. This is one of the reasons why I made this blog, and I hope that I reach this goal every post I publish.

I specifically remember when I was choosing a gaming PC, and all these weird terms getting thrown around, making it absolutely overwhelming when I was a beginner back then.

Side note: if you need help with tech-related explanations, I’m more than happy to do so! You can contact me through the contact form, or through my personal email: turbinethree@gmail.com

How To Support Me

By simply reading my articles helps me more than you can ever imagine! Checking back every few days certainly would mean the world to me!

How To Contact Me

I can be contacted through the contact form, through my business email: roy@valorvortech, or, personally, through my personal email: turbinethree@gmail.com