About ValorVortech

ValorVortech is a tech blog meant to help assist users to learn more about it. I offer guides, listicles, and more surrounding tech-related topics. Currently, it is a one-man team curated by me (Roy) to help anyone who requires additional help relating to tech, whatever they may be.

I post 2 blog posts once every week, and I try to make them as interesting, intriguing, and fascinating as possible, to help further enlighten individuals all around!

Topics That ValorVortech Cover

This blog is all about helping others know how to fully utilize their tech, and how to select the right one.

I also cover topics such as general questions, an example would be: how long will a phone last with a cracked screen?

What I’m Trying To do With ValorVortech

As cliche, and generic as it sounds, I want to help others who aren’t as technology-literate.

What makes ValorVortech different is that I ensure that I don’t focus on sloppy, short, and boring content. I don’t focus on trying to publish as much as possible, and giving mediocre content, in other words, I care about quality over quantity.

I know what it feels like to read a bad article, and in the end, gaining nothing from it.

I put in 101% of my effort into delivering nothing but the best content, and that’s what makes ValorVortech different.

Current Authors

Right now, all the articles are written, researched & curated by me (Roy). You can find my author about me page here.